Farmall 130 Hi-Clear

This is a Very rare variation of the Farmall 130. There were very few of these made and it is relatively difficult to find one in this nice of condition. This tractor was located in Iowa, and I was told that it was originally located in Washington state. Then, the tractor travelled to Missouri, where it was purchased by the gentleman that I bought it from. I am extremely happy to be able to add such a nice piece to my collection and will be adding more information about this tractor as time permits.

These pictures were all taken before I got it home, all of the fertilizing attachments and cultivators were not included in the deal and are not currently on the tractor. I have a few minor things that I need to do to this tractor to make it a really nice piece. I have new 4 x 19 front tires and rims to put on it, as it looks a lot better than the 16″ tires that I bought it with. I will be mounting them soon.

130HC-3130HC-2 130HC-2130HC-5