Harvester, McCormick-Deering and Farmall Tractors International Harvester tractor models

This website is dedicated to International Harvester, Farmall & McCormick-Deering tractors. I have a special liking of those built after 1939 and that is mainly what I collect and restore. I am going to be adding pictures and descriptions of the tractors in my own personal collection as well as trying to document the restoration process of each one as I work on them. I will try to add pictures to the site as time permits and as I have something new to share. I currently have 12 tractors in my collection.

I am currently living in Toledo, Ohio, but, I grew up in a small town in Northwestern Ohio, outside of Toledo. I have been involved with antique tractors, in one form or another, since 1985. It all first started when my brother, Aaron, and I were in high school, back when a Farmall H or Farmall M could be purchased for about $400 and restored and sold for about $12-1400. My father would buy the tractors and pay for the parts, my brother, Aaron, and I would do the work to restore the tractors, take them apart and clean them, paint them, put them back together and decal them. After they were sold, we would pay dad back the initial investment, and the profit would be ours. That helped to get me spending money for college and whatever else I thought that I “needed” at the time. My father passed away in 1991 and the tractors went by the way side until about 1998, that is when I got the bug again and since then, have amassed the collection that I now have. I am always looking for the obscure or rare models. But, I still appreciate the Hs, Ms and As that got me to this level of the disease.

Some of my tractors have come from as far away as Ontario, Canada, New Jersey, California and Louisiana. I am especially fond of the small hi-clearance tractors such as the AV, Super AV, 100 Hi-clear, 130 Hi-clear and 140 Hi-clear.